ABIS offers a wide variety of programs for all ages. From exploring the wild with Scouts, forming bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood with friends at Youth Club.

Our Programs

Women committee

Our goal is to connect the women of our community and strengthen bonds of sisterhood. Our programs and activities cater to the matriarchs of the

Some of our activities include:

  • Most religious occasions (birthdays and Hussainiya councils)
  • Al-Kawthar Girls’ group for Islamic Nasheeds
  • Annual coming of age ceremony for girls
  • Educational courses for girls.
  • Conducting competitions, drawing prizes, and granting tickets to visit the holy shrine of Imam Hussein and his family.
  • Reciting the supplication (Dua) of Al-Nudbah every Friday morning.
  • Organizing visits and meetings for new arrivals to Ottawa.
  • Educational, cultural, and religious lectures.
  • Fiqh and Quran lessons
  • And many more!

Ahlul Bayt 1st BPSA Scouts

1st Ottawa Baden Powell Scouting Association (Ahlul-Bayt Scouting) – فوج خاتم الأنبياء ع is an Islamic scouting group for boys and girls aged 5 to 19 years.
The main objectives of this association is to provide our children and youth with the opportunity to engage in positive activities which encourage essential characteristics such as responsibility, motivation, discipline, respect, integrity, organization, punctuality, and cooperation. Other essential characteristics include cleanliness, friendliness, and confidence.

Scouting also strongly emphasizes a sense of leadership in our youth which they can take with them in all aspects of life. The scouting values that are strongly reinforced include a love of nature and the environment, an emphasis on leading a life of physical activity and exercise, and expression through artistic means.

The religious aspect of our association emphasizes moral and ethical behavior and the importance of faith in our everyday lives. Our entire program is given in the Arabic language because it is the language of our Holy Quran and we encourage its use in speaking, reading, and writing.

Scouters become very well-rounded individuals and grow into resourceful leaders and role-models in society. 

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Ahlul Bayt Full-Time School Program (Ontario curriculum – Jk to Grade 10)

Youth Club Boys (ages 13-21)

Ansar Al-Zahraa Youth Club Girls (13-21)

Thursday Night Program

Saturday Arabic School Program (ages 5-14)

Ladies Program (ages 18+)

Friday Juma’a Prayer Program

Praying Carpet
Prayer Time
Prayer Time
Prayer Time
Prayer Time
Prayer Time
Prayer Time