About Us

People of the house, God wants to remove all kinds of uncleanliness from you and to purify you thoroughly. THE CONFEDERATE (33)

Ahlul-Bayt Center is a Canadian Islamic non-profit organization located in the Canadian Capital, Ottawa.It was established in 1993 to look after the social and religious needs of the Islamic community in the city. Since its inauguration, the Center has successfully attracted a good number of believers who are voluntarily providing services to the community through its programs. Ahlul-Bayt Center is not bound to any political party or any Islamic Marjaia, and attracts members belonging to various school of thoughts.

Ahlul-Bayt Center provides Islamic education to the Moslems, and celebrates all the Islamic occasions in Ottawa. Some of the Occasions organized by the Center are the Month of Ramadan (Iftars and gatherings), Ashoura’a, Eid El-Fitr, Eid El-Adha, birth of the Prophet (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS), Sayyeda Fatima (AS), and Imam Mahdi (AS). Furthermore, some social and educational services provided by the organization are a library of Islamic books, yearly camping trip and soccer games.

Active Bodies

Ahlul-Bayt Center has expanded to include four active bodies:

  1. Full Time School.
  2. Ahlul-Bayt Scouts, Ottawa (group 151st).
  3. Youth Club.
  4. El-Nour Islamic Band.


Finally, Ahlul-Bayt Center is continuously growing and promoting the Islamic work in the city of Ottawa. So far, the journey was a success due to the support, dedication and giving spirit of all members in Ahlul-Bayt Center and the Moslem community in Ottawa.

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